The Minister of Telecommunication
and Postal Services

Hon. Rebecca Joshua Okwachi


Foreword from Minister

The long, costly and very devastating struggle of the South Sudanese people spear-headed by the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) has now been redirected as a matter of process to lead the people of South Sudan to unequivocally determine their future through the exercise of an internationally supervised and monitored referendum, in a peaceful and transparent way.  This on-going universally recognized peace process of ending the war and transforming the bullets into ballots, entails the Leadership of Government of South Sudan (GOSS) to provide basic services to the people, such as clean water, good housing, health care, education, good roads, efficient transport, security and equally important too, the provision of modern telecommunications and postal services.


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South Sudan to own communication gateway

The Government of South Sudan will soon own a communication gateway, stated the GoSS minister of Telecommunication and Postal Service, Commander Gier Chuang Aluang upon his return from Khartoum, where he conferred with the authorities in the Federal Ministry of Telecommunication and Information.

South Sudan Gemtel to stop use of Uganda’s dialling code

South Sudan will stop using the controversial Uganda’s dialling code next month, the Ugandan minister of communication told the MPs in Kampala today.

South Sudan Appeals for investment in ICT sector

The government of South Sudan has urged international investors to consider opportunities the country’s ICT sector.


Upcoming Events

Social Media Conference
The Social Media Conference events focus entirely on successful business management for the Social Networking industry.
Government IT Conference 2009
Government IT 09 will shine a light on the progress made on the Transformational Government Agenda and will aim to debate the continued development
of public services that are designed and delivered around the needs of the citizen.


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